Chickpea & Spinach Curry

For tonight's dinner, ditch the takeaway and enjoy this speedy creation that will also be kind to your wallet. You’re just three cans away from an aromatic healthy dish.

Pro Tip: Add more chilli if desired and serve hot with steamed rice and plain yoghurt.




Vegan All-Day Breakfast

What’s an all-day breakfast without canned beans, mushrooms and tomatoes? This classic recipe can be cooked under the grill, just using one tray!

This recipe was created with love by Azmina Govindji for Love Canned Food.

Chicken, Mushroom & Sweetcorn Ramen

This colourful Asian dish uses convenient ingredients like canned mushrooms and sweetcorn, and cooked leftover chicken to create a tasty and nutritious meal. It also works well with prawns.

Mixed Bean Salad

This vibrant, refreshing salad is a speedy vegan treat. Made with a variety of canned beans, this recipe can be ready in under 10 minutes. Lunch will never be the same again.

Build-Your-Own Buddha Bowl

This dish is simple, colourful and can be ready to eat in 10 minutes – the perfect quick and easy lunch option.

Spicy Falafel Wrap

We all need our lunch recipes to be simple, quick to make and not forgetting the most important factor… tasty! This recipe is all three and more. Spice is optional, but if you dare to add more, please be our guest.

Chocolate Bean Brownie

What’s the secret to our super moist and gooey brownies? Canned black beans! It’s a secret ingredient that no one will be able to match (or guess!). For delicious and irresistible brownies… look no further!

Cheesy Butter Bean Mash with Lamb Chops

This tasty high fibre side is tasty enough to eat on its own or with your Sunday lunch. With the amazing flavours of the mustard, garlic and parmesan, this mash packs a punch!

Pasta Puttanesca

This dish mixes the ideas of the traditional Italian dish, with our favourite canned fish. Besides the taste, our favourite thing about this recipe is that it only uses one pan… result!

Thai Prawn Green Curry

Need to know how to impress someone in 15 minutes? THIS recipe. Loaded full of canned vegetables, this recipe can be ready before you’ve even had a chance to set the table. Guest entertaining made easy!

High Protein Salad Jar

This recipe combines layers of our favourite salad ingredients in an easy and reusable salad jar. Prepare your work colleagues for envy, as they’ll be jealous there not tucking into this creation when they see it in the work fridge tomorrow!

Vegan Bean & Carrot Burger

Vegan burgers that aren't just for veggies. Trust us, they're a crowd pleaser.

Mango Ice Lollies

Get the taste of summer in three simple and easy steps. This refreshing ice-lolly is the ideal snack on a hot summer's day. Just reach for a can of mangos and mix with Greek yoghurt and voila, the perfect summer treat!
Pro Tip: You could use 8 small lolly moulds and these smaller treats will have only 75 calories each!

Raspberry & Apricot Smoothie Bowl

A filling and delicious way to make a smoothie more thick and wholesome by using canned fruits, Greek yoghurt and oats. You can decorate the smoothie bowl with any combination of fruit, nuts and seeds – it will look different every time!

Cherry Piña Colada Mocktail

For a unique take on a famous cocktail, this simple yet yummy summery drink is made with canned pineapple chunks and a mixture of different delicious  berries. Enjoy this refreshing mocktail either at a house party or a summer BBQ.

Steak and Vegetable Pie

Save hours of cooking with this quick and flavoursome pie recipe made using canned ingredients. Using root vegetables and a can of stewing beef, this recipe is the perfect shortcut to hearty pie heaven. Served with your choice of green vegetables, it’s a mid-week meal for the whole family to enjoy.

Italian Tuna Balls with Spaghetti

For a twist on classic Italian meatballs, these simple yet tasty little treats are made with canned tuna which is incredibly convenient and easy to use – just open and prepare. Enjoy them with pasta for dinner or in pitta bread for a tasty lunch.

Stewed Steak and Vegetable Mid-Week Pasties

Canned steak makes a tasty and convenient addition to these protein-rich pasties. The ultimate sharer, cut these in two and serve with new potatoes and green vegetables or save and eat cold for lunch the next day. Quick, easy and delicious.

Pastrami-style Corn Beef Sliders with a Fried Egg

For a delicious variation on the American classic, try switching your usual meat with corned beef for these scrummy sliders. Topped with a freshly cooked egg for an extra protein boost, these are not only yummy they’re filling, too. Packed with flavour and perfect to eat with friends or family, they’re quick and easy to make so you won’t be slaving away in the kitchen for hours.

Overnight Oats with Fruit

For a tasty and convenient breakfast, try these overnight oats made with juicy canned fruit. This deliciously filling morning meal will keep you going till lunchtime and little ones will love the fruity flavour. Quick, easy and can be prepared in minutes!

Banana and Prune Muffins

Canned prunes are so easy to use, so why not try these light and fluffy muffins? They’re packed full of fibre and make the perfect mid-morning snack or guilt-free breakfast to keep you fuller for longer.

Creamy Chicken Crepes

By mixing vibrant, crunchy vegetables together with tender chicken in a creamy sauce straight from the can, creating the perfect savoury pancake filling is quick and simple. Serve with a crisp green salad or your favourite green vegetables.

Baked Meatballs

An Italian classic made easy with canned ingredients, these mouth-watering meatballs are made with a tasty canned tomato sauce and are guaranteed to be a family favourite. They’re perfect for freezing and saving for a mid-week dinner or when you need a hearty lunch in a hurry.

Mixed Bean Picadillo

To make this delicious winter warmer, mix together a medley of nutrient-rich canned beans with a selection of spices and serve with boiled brown or white rice. This is the perfect winter dinner to share with friends or family on a cold winter’s night.

Easy Chicken and Pea Curry

For an easy alternative to a takeaway, try this quick and delicious curry made with canned chicken soup, which has all the taste of fresh. Cooked in under 20 minutes, this curry recipe is easy to follow and can be served with either brown rice or naan bread.

Minced Beef Burritos

This recipe mixes traditional Mexican flavours with crunchy vegetables and high fibre canned pulses to create burritos the whole family can enjoy after a busy day. Serve with wholemeal wraps and a sprinkle of cheese for even more flavour and calcium to help support growing bones.

Cream of Mushroom Soup Carbonara

For a quick and easy way to create a classic Italian dish, this recipe uses creamy mushroom canned soup as a ‘canny’ way to make a fuss-free and delicious pasta sauce. Add to whole wheat pasta, grab a fork and tuck in!

Three Bean Tacos

For a delicious, protein-rich family meal, try these tasty three bean tacos using canned beans. Fun to make and full of fibre, serve them with fresh coriander and sliced jalapenos for an optional extra kick! Why not get the kids involved to make their own?

Steamed Salmon on a bed of Courgette, Chilli and Butter Bean parcels

Packed full of taste and texture, try this colourful salmon recipe for a simple yet delicious and nutritious dinner served with crunchy green vegetables. It’s perfect to enjoy as a weekend meal and great when dining al fresco.

Tuna, Haricot and Red Onion Salad

Make this colourful and delicious salad in just minutes by using flavoursome canned ingredients. A mix of nutrient-packed tomatoes and crunchy onion complements the tuna perfectly – great for quick and easy lunches on the go! Find the full recipe below...

Crab and Prawn Laksa

Forget expensive takeaways, this Asian-inspired stir fry recipe uses canned products and combines juicy prawns with fragrant coconut to create an easy yet delicious dinner that’s perfect for a family get-together without the price tag.

Peach Pancakes

For a fruity breakfast or as a quick and easy dessert using fruit, this peach pancakes recipe is ideal. Made with semi-skimmed milk and tasty canned peaches, this dish is a great way to cook with the kids! Easy to follow and ready in minutes…

Mackerel with Mango Salsa

Packed full with oily fish and aromatic, juicy fruit, this quick and easy canned mackerel starter recipe is perfect to enjoy with friends and family. Or if you’re hungry, turn it into a nutritious lunch for one. Using canned mackerel saves both time and waste – making your life easier.

Chorizo, Halloumi and Tomato Pasta

This pasta dish mixes Mediterranean flavours with nutritious canned vegetables and pulses to create a smoky, delicious family meal. Ideal for lunch or dinner, add as many vegetables as you like in the mix and enjoy served with a side salad. Check out this quick and easy-to-follow recipe below...

Tropical Mango, Peach and Banana Smoothie

Kick start your morning with this deliciously fruity, easy to make smoothie. It’s made with exotic canned fruits which locks in all freshness and saves half of the mess. Made in a quick 5 minutes, it’s a perfect way to start the day!

Creamy Garlic Chicken with Penne and Peas

This Italian-inspired pasta recipe is easy to follow, and the perfect way to enjoy a mid-week meal when you’re strapped for time. Made with tasty canned peas and chicken and packed with flavour, it’s delicious with a sprinkling of grated cheese. It’s a simple dish that will be sure to go down well with the whole family!

Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Pie

If you’re a home-made pie lover but can’t be bothered with the fuss, this recipe is for you. It uses speedy life-savers like canned chicken in white sauce, mushrooms and sweetcorn so you don’t have to create the filling from scratch.

Butternut Squash Soup with Chickpea “Croutons”

This colourful main meal is packed full of nutritious ingredients. You get protein and fibre from the chickpeas and lentils, carbs from the squash, and potassium from the array of vegetables. Add a swirl of plain soya yoghurt alternative (or Greek yogurt for a non-vegan option) if you like.

Salmon and Pea Quiche

This is a lovely summer’s day treat or a great midweek family dinner. It contains a magic

ingredient in terms of canned salmon, helping you keep an eye on your budget and your


Greek Chicken Salad

This is a great recipe to use up any leftover chicken! Classic Mediterranean ingredients like

olives and feta are combined with convenient canned beans, fresh herbs and tomatoes

to bring colourful Greek cuisine to your table in minutes.

Chili Con Carne with Roasted Butternut Squash

A family favourite all year round, this Mexican dish is given a healthier twist than traditional chilli and rice because it uses extra lean minced beef and the squash counts towards your 5-a-day fruit and vegetables.

Stuffed Chicken Breast in Parmesan Breadcrumbs

Chicken breast stuffed with a tomato and garlic filling, coated in a crispy parmesan

crumb… and if that wasn’t enough to tempt your taste buds, it’s served with a side of mushy peas

with fragrant freshly chopped coriander leaves.

Tuna and Tomato Pasta Bake

A classic recipe which has the twist of half-fat ingredients like crème fraiche to

make it a healthier option. It’s also quick to make as it uses kitchen cupboard essentials like

dried pasta, canned tomatoes and tuna. Serve with a simple green salad.

Hearty Rosemary Lamb Casserole

This hearty winter casserole cooks effortlessly in a slow cooker and uses quality ingredients like canned potatoes, peas and carrots to help the meat go further, helping you keep an eye on the

family food budget. This recipe makes four generous portions. All you need is some warm

crusty bread for dipping and plenty of napkins!

Mushroom and Jalapeño Pizza

This short-cut pizza is a treat for the whole family and is a fun way to get the kids

creative in the kitchen. No need to make your own dough; as we use pre-bought pizza bases in this recipe.

Pork Chops with Minted Pea Puree

Pork chops are a classic family favourite. In this recipe, they are brought to life using quick

and easy shortcuts like canned potatoes and peas to make a colourful family meal in just

over half an hour.