Fresh from source

Process 1

Fresh ingredients are harvested and collected from farms, fisheries, dairies and other food sources, transported as quickly as possible to the canning factory.


Locked in taste

Process 2

Food is delivered to the ingredients store at the canning factory for safe keeping in optimum conditions to maintain freshness and taste.


Slice nice

Process 3

All ingredients are prepared for the can. This involves cleaning, peeling, dicing, chopping and weighing. A base may also be created at this stage from herbs and spices.


A can full

Process 4

A usually automatic process takes the prepped ingredients and drops the perfect amount into the can as part of the factory procedure.


The seal deal

Process 5

Cans are ‘seamed’ with an airtight seal, meaning ingredients are perfectly preserved often without the need for any actual preservatives.


In the oven

Process 6

Cans requiring cooking are heated to a high and consistent temperature, for as long as the ingredients require.


Printed pretty

Process 7

The cans are cooled if necessary and go down the production line to be labelled.


To the shelf

Process 8

Cans are loaded onto transport vehicles and delivered to supermarkets for you to buy.