For a quick and easy way to create a classic Italian dish, this recipe uses creamy mushroom canned soup as a ‘canny’ way to make a fuss-free and delicious pasta sauce. Add to whole wheat pasta, grab a fork and tuck in! 


The LCF Ambassadors

Author, blogger and GBBO finalist Holly Bell and nutritionist Azmina Govindji are the Love Canned Food campaign ambassadors for 2017!


It's tasty!

The delicious flavour of harvested, farmed or caught food is locked in the can, ready to be enjoyed when you choose. 

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for breakfast, lunch or dinner canned food ticks the box.

Love Canned Food is a celebration of all things canned - beans, pulses, tomatoes, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish…



It's convenient!

Food in cans is easy to purchase, store and use, to create a variety of tasty meals for all the family - it helps reduce those last minute dashes to the shop. Phew!